Turn your Apple Watch into a Swing Sensor

Track your favorite racquet sports activities

Simple yet Powerful

Start, pause and save your Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, Squash, Racquetball, Badminton or Table Tennis activity directly from your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Tennis App
Tennis Strokes

Swing and Cardio

Detect your forehand, backhand, smash and volleys. Get your steps count, distance covered, heart rate and calories burned while you are playing.

Analyze Your Swings

Learn the science behind your swing motion. See your swing path, angles, speed and contact point. Visualize every swing in 3D and get to know your motion like never before.

Discover your longest rally, average shots per min, your best shot and many more.

Swing Science

Track and Improve

Do you know how many matches you played? How much time did you practice last week? What is your record against certain opponent? Unless you are on the professional circuit, these are impossible questions to answer.


Head to Head

Get Head to Head Statistics against any opponent and many more.

Tennis statistics

Match History

Get your win, loss stats for matches, sets and games by week, month or year.

Tennis Fitness App

Time Spent

See your time spent by week, month and year. Discover how much time you spent practicing vs playing matches.

Activity App

Fitness App

Get credit towards your Move and Exercise goals in Apple Fitness app.

Track Live Tennis Match

Parents, coaches and teams can use Live Match Point by Point tracking to record their kids, students or teammates actions from the sidelines. Keep track of each point details and analyze the match stats to identify areas for improvement.

Tennis fans can record the tennis matches they are watching.

Tennis Live Match
Tennis Swings

Manage League Teams

If you are playing on a league team, use TennisKeeper to keep track of your own results.

If you captain or coach tennis teams, use TennisKeeper to help you manage all your teams roster and results.

String and Shoes Tracker

Track the hours played on your string and shoes. Get notify when it is time to restring your racquet or replace your shoes.

No more broken strings or worn out shoes.

Strings and Shoes
Tennis Swings

Synchronize between iOS devices

If you have an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, TennisKeeper will synch your data across all of your devices. Your data is stored on the Apple iCloud.

There is no additional account to create or password to remember.


Intelligent Alerts

Play like the Pros - Get instant notification when you reached new milestones.

Tennis statistics

Social Sharing

Use customizable images to show off your activity stats on your favorite social media.



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