How to record your Badminton workout using Apple Watch

(3 Tips for easy Logging)

Track your activities and measure your progress!

Keeping a workout journal offers numerous advantages for reaching your badminton goals. Keeping track of what you’re doing is a key to staying motivated and oriented towards your goals. Here are a few tips to make logging your badminton workouts with TennisKeeper as easy as possible for you:

1. Set Your Profile

If Badminton is your primary racquet sports, first you should go to your Profile page and set it as your Default Racquet Sports type.

Set default racquet sports profile to badminton

2. Start Recording Using Apple Watch

Select the activity you want to track (e.g. Singles or Doubles), then tap Start to start the workout. Play your Badminton like normal. When you finish your workout, tap End to get a summary. Scroll to the bottom of the Summary view and tap Save.

Select Activity Type and start tracking

3. Get Workout Credit in Activity App

After you saved your session, as soon as possible, open TennisKeeper on your iPhone to complete the save. Update your workout information such as your scores, opponent names, and location. Notice how TennisKeeper synced your workout to Apple Health so that it is counted towards your daily Move and Exercise Goals!

Badminton workout sync to Apple Health

Spending a few minutes post-workout recording what happened will add a powerful layer of accountability to your Badminton.
Very soon logging your badminton workouts will become a habit.