How do I add an Activity?

  1. Go to TennisKeeper > Activities.
  2. Check the date to make sure it is showing the right date. If not, tap the Date button and select the right date.
  3. Determine what activity you want to add and go to the appropriate section. Tap one of the following to add an activity for the selected day.
    • Add Singles
    • Add Doubles
    • Add Hitting Practice
    • Add Lesson
    • Add Cross Training
  4. This will take you to one of the following page:
    • Singles
    • Doubles
    • Hitting
    • Lesson
    • Cross Training
  5. Enter information for that activity.
  6. After entering all the information, on the activity page, tap the Save button to save all the data to iCloud.
  7. Repeat to add as many activities for the day as you like.