Create and Manage Teams

Are you captaining a team or playing on a league team? TennisKeeper can help you track your matches, lineups, team performance using your iPhone or iPad. No more adhoc-notes or paper.

Add a League Team

Go to TennisKeeper > More > Create a League Team, tap (+) to add a new team.

Tennis Teams or Leagues

Add players to team

  1. First you must add players to your players list. Go to TennisKeeper > Players to add your players. See How to add a player for more information. A player can belong to multiple teams.
  2. Then Go to Team > Team Roster and tap (+). This will bring up the Add Players to Roster page.

    Tennis Team Roster

  3. Select the players that you want to add to your team. You will see a checkmark added to them. Tap Done. This will add the selected players to your team roster.

Add Matches and Lineup

Go to Team > Matches and add the matches for your team. For each match, specify the match date and the opponent team name. You can also add notes to a match.

Tennis Team Matches

Next add your lineups to a match. You can add as many lineups as you need. For each lineup, select your team players and the oppoents players. Then add the scores for each set.

Tennis Team Lineup

Review Team Status

TennisKeeper will calculate the running status for your teams. At any point in time, you can see the win, loss summary for each match. You can also view the win, loss stats of each team member by going to Team > Stats.

Tennis Performance