Using your Apple Watch

You can start and save your tennis activities, track distance, steps and heart rate on the tennis court, all directly from your Apple Watch. The Device Motion framework allows you to count your tennis swings based on your arm swinging motion that can be detected by the Apple Watch built-in sensors.

How to detect your swing motion:

  1. To detect any swing motion, you must wear the Apple Watch on the same hand that you hold your tennis racquet. For example, I am a right-handed player with a two handed backhand. I wear my Apple Watch on my right hand. This may take a bit getting used to.
  2. Make sure your wrist orientation is set up correctly. Go to Watch app > General > Watch Orientation and select the wrist that you wear your Apple Watch on.

How to track your tennis swings on Apple Watch

  1. Choose a tennis activity (i.e. singles, doubles, hitting or lesson) on the Apple Watch and tap Start.
  2. Start your tennis rally. The watch app will track your swings based on clockwise, counter clockwise or other direction.
  3. When you are finished, tap End to get a summary. Scroll to the bottom of the Summary view. You can then Save or Discard the data from your tennis session. Tap Save and you should get a Way to go button. Tap the Way to go button to go back to the Start screen.

    Apple Watch Tennis
    Before you tap Save to save your data, ensure your Watch has connectivity to your iPhone.
  4. After you saved your tennis session, you can open the app on your iPhone or iPad and the session will automatically be added. You can complete the rest of the tennis information such as your scores, player names etc. from your iOS device.

Tennis Workout Dashboard

To review your tennis workout metrics, you must upgrade to the Pro Edition.

  1. Go to Stats > Activities Log.
  2. Select the date and go to the second page.
  3. Tap the row that shows your heart rate, steps and distance information to bring up Your Swings or Your Tennis Workout Dashboard.
Tennis Swings

Trouble Shooting

If you have trouble recording your tennis activities using your Apple Watch, most likely it is because of connectivity issues. This step-by-step trouble shooting guide should help resolve your problems.

Apple Watch Built-In Sensors

If you like to get a better understanding on how the Apple Watch sensors work, please check out these blog articles.

Watch this Apple Watch Video

Learn how to set up and use your Apple Watch for TennisKeeper.