Trouble Shooting

If you are having problems with TennisKeeper on Apple Watch, please go through this step by step trouble shooting guide to ensure everything is set up properly.

Step 1

First make sure TennisKeeper app is working properly on the iPhone.

  1. Open TennisKeeper app on your iPhone.
  2. Add an Activity.
  3. Make sure this is working and you can see the activity in the Stats -> Activities Log. In particular, make sure you grant access to TennisKeeper to access your Health data.

Step 2

Next ensure TennisKeeper Watch app is installed properly on Apple Watch

  1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to your Apple Watch. You can validate if the phone is connected to your Apple Watch by testing the connection on the Apple Watch from the Control Centre and hearing a clear ping sound. See the Apple Support link for more instructions.
  2. Uninstall the app from the Apple Watch. To uninstall, on the Watch app from your iPhone, locate TennisKeeper, turn off "Show App on App Watch."
  3. After the uninstall is completed (you should no longer see the TennisKeeper app on the Apple Watch). Install the app again by checking "Show App on App Watch".
  4. Observe the "Installing..." and the app being installed on your Apple Watch. Wait for the install to complete.

Step 3

Wear the Apple Watch on the same hand that you hold your tennis racquet. Make sure your wrist orientation is set up correctly:

  1. Go to Watch app > General > Watch Orientation.
  2. Select the wrist that you wear your Apple Watch on.

Step 4

Start TennisKeeper on Apple Watch.

  1. Tap TennisKeeper icon to start the app.
  2. Tap the blue Singles button, this should take you to the Activity Type page, choose an activity such as Hitting.
  3. Tap Start.
  4. Page to the screen that has an End and a Pause button.
  5. Tap End. This will stop your session.
  6. On the Summary page, go to the bottom and tap Save.
  7. You should see the "Way to go" screen.

Step 5

Validate the activity is added to iCloud.

  1. Now go back to your TennisKeeper iPhone app and validate that the activity is added to your current day.
  2. You should be able to see that in the Activity Log.


If you are able to complete the above steps and see the expected results, then TennisKeeper is working properly on your Apple Watch and iPhone and you should not have problems using it to track your racquet sports activities.

Connectivity Problems

If you have been using your Apple Watch successfully for a while, and all of a sudden it stops saving your session, it can be caused by one of these problems:

  1. Your Apple Watch cannot connect to your iPhone.
  2. Your battery on the Apple Watch is running low.
  3. Your iPhone cannot connect to iCloud.
  4. You did not open TennisKeeper a long time after you saved your session from the Watch and the queued transfer of the data cannot be completed by your Watch.

Please make sure you re-establish the connectivity. Then use the iPhone to add your activity. Be sure to specify the right start and end time for your session in order to get your footwork stats and workout session contribution to the Apple Activity app.

See Using Apple Watch and How to enable to iCloud for more information.

Watch app Closing

If you are experiencing problems with the Apple Watch app closing unexpectedly, please see TennisKeeper Watch app closing on Apple Watch for more information.

Apple Watch Notifications

It is normal to receive notifications on your Apple Watch while running TennisKeeper. This will not create any problem. Please see Receiving Notifications while running TennisKeeper for more information.

Watch app Unresponsive

If you have been using your Apple Watch successfully for a while, and it became unresponsive or slow to start, then uninstall the app and re-install it again will solve the problem. To uninstall, on the Watch app, locate TennisKeeper and turn off "Show App on App Watch." After the uninstall is completed, install the app again by checking "Show App on App Watch".


If everything failed, restart your Apple Watch and iPhone and try again.